• Cheese Naan$2.99
    Stuffed Indian bread with cottage cheese

  • Cheese Dosa$7.99
    Thin rice crepes cooked in cheese

  • Chicken Nuggets$4.99

    Chicken breasts cut to shape, breaded or battered, then deep-fried


  • Curry Bowl Fried Chicken$6.99
    Chicken pieces in seasoned flour, and fry them in oil

  • French Fries$2.99

    Thinly sliced potatoes are deep-fried till they're crisp on all sides and then sprinkled with salt & pepper

  • Kids Poori$4.99

    pooris are made with dough made from whole wheat flour and are served with a side potato dish, dry or curried

  • Kids Dosa$4.99

    Dosa is a kind of pancake made from a fermented batter served hot along with sambar and chutney

  • Kids Noodles$6.99

    Noodles are a staple food in many cultures made from unleavened dough which is stretched, extruded, or rolled flat and cut into one of a variety of shapes.

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