• Goat Chettinadu$13.99
    Made with aromatic spices coconut milk and pepper

  • Goat Curry$13.99

    Tender pieces of goat with bones cooked in freshly ground spices with onions served with tomato gravy

  • Goat Kadai$13.99
    Goat Meat cooked with fresh onion, tomato, bell pepper and spices

  • Goat Vindaloo$13.99
    Spiced goat meat, Red Chillies, Potatoes cooked in a very spicy sauce

  • Gongura Goat$13.99

    One of the best traditional goat dishes cooked with fresh gongura sauce, tadka with mustard, and red chillies

  • Lamb Curry$13.99
    Chunks of tender lamb cooked in mildly spiced sauce

  • Lamb Dopiaza$13.99
    Lamb marinated and cooked with fried onion mildest spiced

  • Lamb Fry$14.99

    Tender pieces of lamb fried in mild brown sauce and


  • Lamb Korma$13.99
    An exotic preparation of lamb in a creamy spiced sauce

  • Lamb Pasand$13.99

    Thinly sliced lamb marinated in garlic and yogurt, then sauteed with onions, chili peppers and tomatoes

  • Lamb Tikka Masala$13.99
    Tender pieces of lamb cooked in tomato sauce with touch of cream

  • Lamb Vindaloo$13.99
    Spiced lamb, Red Chillies and Potatoes cooked in a very spiced sauce

  • Mutton Rogan Josh$13.99

    Tender cubes of Goat marinated in eastern spices, sautéed with chopped tomatoes in a creamy sauce


  • Palak Gosh$13.99
    Goat cooked with spinach cream and sautéed with ginger, garlic

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