Indo-Chinese Non-Veg

  • 555-Chicken$10.99

    Long slices of chicken red chillies, onion, garlic & cashew nuts all pen fried in curry bowl special sauce

  • Chicken 65$10.99

    Boneless chicken marinated in yogurt cooked with curry leaves & spices

  • Chilli Chicken$10.99

    Chicken cubes fried and with ginger, garlic, onion, bell pepper soya sauce

  • Ginger Chicken$10.99

    Marinated chicken garlic ginger, a curry bowl special sauce

  • Chicken Manchurian$11.99
    Butter fried chicken with chili and sauce

  • Apollo Fish$12.99

    Fish cubes marinated and cooked with curry leaves & slices

  • Chilli Shrimp$13.99

    Better fried shrimp with onion, bell pepper chilli and soya sauce

  • Noodles Chicken / Egg$11.99

    Win tossed noodles with ginger, garlic & soya sauce

  • Egg Fried Rice$11.99

    Basmati rice, egg & ginger, garlic, soya sauce

  • Chicken Fried Rice$12.99

    Win tossed rice and chicken with ginger, garlic & soya sauce

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