Veg Appetizer

  • Vegetable Samosa$3.99

    Crispy fried turnovers with seasoned potatoes and green peas

  • Vegetable Cutlet$3.99

    Potato and Vegetables pan fried with spices

  • Onion Pakora$4.99

    Freshly sliced onions coated with chickpea flour and deep fried

  • Spinach Pakora$4.99

    Fresh spinach coated with chickpea flour and deep fried

  • Mixed Vegetable Pakora$5.99

    Fresh mixed vegetables coated with chickpeas flour and deep fried

  • Cut Mirchi$5.99

    Chilli bajji refried and sprinkled with onions, chat masala

  • Chilli Bajji$5.99
    Chilies battered and deep fried in desi style 

  • Curry bowl Veg Platter$9.99
    Combination Of cut Mirchi Cutlet, pakora, samsa and vada

  • Spring Rolls$4.99
    Spring rolls are made with mixed vegetables in chinese style

  • Veg Cutlet$

  • Veg. Platter$

  • Samosa Chat$

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